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Kuron Peace Academy

Peace will come through personal transformation

Hard work



Bishop Paride Taban's 20 words and 8 sentences is the foundation for our peace expectation
Love, Truthfulness, Friendship, Joy, Gentleness, Trust, Peace
Self-control, Unity, Patience, Humility, Purity, Compassion, Poverty
Faith, Sympathy, Forgiveness, Hope, Kindness, Mercy



I love you
I miss you
Thank you
I forgive you
We forget
I am wrong
I am sorry



The idea of Kuron Peace Academy was presented in the donor conference September 2015 arranged by Holy Trinity Peace Village. We still beleive this concept has power to bring change of attitudes and peace between neighbours both locally and over wider areas. By practising the contents of these words and sentences we beleive will transform everbybody's lives into peace and humanity!

Two excerpts from the paper that was presented in the conference.

"Kuron’s theory of change is based on village, community, and state, national and cross-border regional levels. These levels do not depict a linear-type of change but shows rather a networking relationship for change to occur.  It starts from one person, and village, community, state and nations embrace such wonderful ideas. We strongly believe Kuron Peace Academy could be such a catalyst in building peace in South Sudan across communities".

"Through advertising and communications, solid accommodation and infrastructure and with the help of donor funding, Kuron can find the right quality of staff, build up local capacities and ownership and help transform the region and catalyse the country.  Theatre and other arts, sports for peace, cultural events, targeted education with a peace curriculum, meetings that explore not only technical but also spiritual and psycho-social/trauma healing approaches will re-enforce a holistic experience".

Read the full text. "Strategic overwiev 2016 -2018"