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Gaduation 2014 Kuron Vocational Training School

Text and photo by Jonas Halvorsen



Thursday the 4th of December 2014 was a day to remember in Kuron. 19 students from four different South Sudanese tribes got their graduation certificate from Kuron Vocational training school. The graduation was celebrated with entertainment, food and drinks, speeches and gifts from Tangen Vocational School and Stromme Foundation in in Norway.


Over 60 people from Kuron attended the graduation. Parents, the local chief, village elders, the women group, The Carter Centre, Jamus Company and Peace Village staff were all gathered together in the new fenced schoolyard of VTS. Logistic Manager of Peace Village (Alfred) was the master of the ceremony and he did a great job in leading people through speeches and entertainment before the Principal, Charles and the Chief handed over the graduation certificates.
This year the students graduated with two different certificates: Certificate of attendance and Certificate of Completion. 15 students had either attended the first or the second semester this year. These students got a certificate of attendance and were offered to join VTS the next year to continue their training. All the 15 students have decided to accept this offer.

4 students attended satisfactorily eight months of theoretically and practically training at VTS this year and were rewarded with a Certificate of completion. These students also got offered to join the VTS again next year, not as students but as members of a production team at VTS. This team is a new idea and by doing this change in 2015 we hope that VTS can be an institution for both training/education and a centre of production in the future. In this way Kuron Vocational Training School can be a “home” were young people get life skills, vocational training and participate in income generating activities. We will try our best but sustainably for the “production project” depends heavily on income generating orders and contracts from HTPV and other local people and organizations.


4th of December 2014 was an inspiring day for all supporters of Kuron Vocational Training School and we hope for many moments like this in the coming years and we hope for a good start for the production team in 2015.
Thank you for your support!

Jonas, Coordinator VTS