Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban received the prize Help for Self Help - 2011

Strømme Foundation awarded an honorable prize to Bishop Paride Taban in Kristiansand Norway on Thursday September 22.
The name of the prize is Help for Self Help. This prize has previously been awarded to 8 recipients and last time was in 2005. The prize was awarded to Bishop Paride Taban for his endeavors for his people and brothers throughout several decades during hostilities and misery in the years of war. He has not avoided dangers but made heavy sacrifices and endangered himself.  Due to his concern for his people he even has been arrested by both sides of warring parties.  
The prize consist of a cheque to 100,000 NOK (USD 17,000), a diploma and a lithograph. Strømme Foundation is Norwegian NGO and one of the funding partners of Peace Village.

Read Strømme Foundation's justification for awarding Bishop Paride Taban the prize