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State contributions to Boma-Kuron-Narus road link



Excerpt from email received

From: Taban <>
Sent:  Wednesday 27. January 2016 02.13

I am in Juba for meetings with EU and IOM to finalise the memorandum of Understanding and the final meeting will be on Thursday 28 January hoping from here we may sign the memorandum of Understanding and the work to start.

Thanks to God, the Government of Namoronyang State ( Kapoeta ) and Imotong State,( Torit ) have come to our aid. They promise to provide all the machines needed for work on this road,
engineer and operators and 50 tons food for work, this will be contribution from the two States of Eastern Equatorial.
Therefore we don't need to hire a contractor. This action from Eastern
Equatoia States gave hope to our meeting of 26 January 2016, we hope for the best.

God bless
Bishop Paride Taban