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Sabbena Mesiku reporting from her FK programme in Norway




This part of the world is very great place, the climate here is very different from where I come from, and the weather in my country is only two seasons, dry season and rain season. But here in Norway there are three seasons which is quiet unique, summer which is like dry season but it is hardly dry, because there is always some down pour and the summer has only 80 days of dry season, and sun shine which is actually the vitamin D, and then they also have winter which is very specially in its own way, with a lot of rain and then the specially part of it is the snow which is pure white glittering like stars, which make everywhere bright and so beautiful, it is very light, the biggest challenge is that it block ways and it make the road very slippery for movement otherwise it could stay for six months because of its beauty, and in this way all the Norwegians should appreciate God for making this country a very specially country, which we do not have in Africa.

Wondering how possible it is

One most important point is during the winter the sea is frozen and they are able to walk on it, when they told me this I said they must be crazy, How can this big sea get frozen I could not believe it, But this time winter got me in Norway and I experience this myself , and I was really astonished by the sea getting frozen, and the thinker nest was about ten centimeters, I tried to walk on the sea, I couldn’t sink , the children and some old people where even skiing on the sea, This give me more time to reflect on the wonders of God, how great he is. There is a very specially Animal in this part of the world is the bear who can survivor in the snow for many months sleeping in the could snow  and it will get up in summer. Here come spring with very beautiful life, flowers and even the new leaves of tree come out which makes everything green and it looks so good.
Here am sitting on frozen sea water


I have always thought, why the Norwegians take a lot ofcoffee, but now I got the reason because it’s too could to do without coffee. And when I reached Norway, I thought there were no people because the whole place was very quiet and I couldn’t keep quiet like them, I was forced to ask whether they are people here  in the country, because everywhere was so quiet like there were no people.



Our culture shapes who we are, what we believe and how we behave. At no point in our human interactions do we take off our culture and set aside. It is always with us in our relationships, in all of our thinking and in our processing of the world around us. Our world is changing rapidly, calling for new skills and knowledge in order for us to survive and prosper. Because of the interaction between nations and ethnic group, our skills in forming and maintaining relationships with those who are culturally different from us will  be critical for our success in the new millennium. With the FK programme am made to respect very body’s culture, and share all the different cultures and be able to establish and nurture friendship with different cultures, and also looking at God’s diversity of culture and how he want us to respond to multicultural world. We the FK would be better to lead the generation into the development of successful. Healthy cross-cultural relationships. When we make the connections between our heads, our hearts and our hands, we will be able to create healthy environment for multicultural relations and reflect the light of Jesus in our world. And here the connection is simple, just take a close look at this picture, it is a mixed culture from different part of the world, and everybody here is very friendly if no brothers and sister.

These are different cultures, there are quiet happy, after understanding the meaning of multicultural society


This are different cultures, there are quiet happy, after understanding the meaning of multicultural society.
 the  Norwegians are quiet, but when you say Hei am called Jane or Hei, jeg hert jane hegli, the conversation has started, the most important thing to do is to learn the language used in the culture to simplify the conversation, and most of us thought, they are not friendly, but they are like tape water when turn of the water come but when off no water, and so is a Norwegian when you talk they talk and very friendly. They are busy people and everything goes with programme, not like in my country people talk even without programme you can call in anyone’s home and say hello, and they respect everybody’s space and that is why even in the bus they sit quiet and mean their business. I have also leant the they are time conscious, everything is by time, going to work you need to be punctually, otherwise you will miss the bus us you see it go.  And even when you make appointment and your late by one minute than know that you have missed the appointment.

The family unit is one specially with all the Norwegians, No  and no Norwegian man or women forget to talk about the family, being young or old, they love their family very much and they really care about the family.  And also the Nation cares about her people and protect them very much. Here everybody is responsible no body blames the other. This is special thing that I have coped and I must sensitize my people at home, love must start to take root so that they may have no enemy among themselves.


 This suffering from common  called victim mentality. Victim mentality is where a person blames circumstances, situations and everyone else for what happens or fails to happen in his /her life.
Victims of this mentality are always full of excuses, justifications and complaints . they are always thinking the whole world is against them and hardly take responsibility. They do not accept they could be wrong or responsible for their woes.
There are as many people with this problems in our society as there are failures. If you look around, you will find them, if you are one of them! they have the following trademarks;

  • Always blaming systems, government, society and the people around for the hardships they face in life.
  • When they fail to get a job, they blame corruption, tribalism and nepotism.
  • They blame their bosses, colleagues, competitors and working conditions for failure to perform.
  • When they fail to get promotion, they blame their bosses and colleagues for being jealous.
  • They blame their teachers, school, parent and examiner for failure in school.
  • They blame their spouses and friends when relationships fail to work.
  • They blame traffic jams and bad roads when they are late for work or appointments.
  • When they fail spiritually, they blame the pastors and preachers for deviating from the word of GOD. We must take personal responsibility for our lives. Since time immemorial, problems and challenges have been part and parcel of life.

Christianity is highly respected in Norway, by this I mean almost majority of the population in Norway are Christians, they all respect God by going to church on Sundays and even most business are close down on Sunday. But the youths have less interest in Christianity reason by because of the modern technology, which has brought about the low turn up of youth participation in the work of God, which most of the youth thing its waste of time, instead of play their computer games and watching movies and also chanting with their friends instead is going to get bored in the church.
In Norway Christmas has its unique celebration more than in Africa, it’s time for giving gifts and receiving and it’s also family gathering, they start Christmas preparation in October and they really spent a lot in Christmas season.
Here is one of the decoration taken in early November in Kristiansand city in Norway in the south coast


This was decoration for Christmas and also advent for attracting customers in the shop. The most encouraging this here is about children getting gift from Santa Clause who all children look forward for at this particular time, and I think it is very encouraging for children, especially in Africa some time it is very difficult to convince children to work hard so am please with is way of giving gift from Santa Clause


This is how Santa clause gives his gift to the young ones

The food for Christmas is very special, this lamb mutton which is salt dried and kept await charismas not only meat but also porridge for Christmas is special, this has given me enough view of the love of God.

Any way much to share but, this is enough to give an overview of how things work in different part of the world. However my special appreciation goes to the Fk Norway and Stromme Foundation for making it possible for me, All my friend and at Hald.