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The Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron

Hard work





Text and photo by Kristen Fløgstad


The rainy season was slow to start in Kuron this year. Many farmers had to replant their plants since the seeds did not germinate because a lack of water.
Then suddenly things changed in early October when there was a rain fall of all together 160 mm fell during two nights within four days. The last night was Sunday 5th October when the water level of Kuron river started rising fast and came close to the pathway of the bridge.
We worried that a tree would come with the river, block the flow of the river and create too much pressure on the bridge. A situation of this kind is shown in the photo series. A bigger tree came later and hit the bridge. The bridge tilts a bit after this encounter with the tree, but can still be used.

The Norwegian volunteer Mr. Kornelius Gustad who is seen in the two last pictures, will try to get some cables sent from Norway to connect the bridge with one tree on each side of the river. Hopefully, this will make it be more difficult for the next flood in Kuron to pull down the suspension bridge.