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The Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron

Hard work




Entered Kuron by foot

After sleeping two nights in the bush because of punctures and deep mud, the new Program Manager Otika James (34),
decided to finish his journey to Kuron by foot. Otika James did not let mud and punctures stop him.
He decided to walk the last kilometers to Kuron.

Text and photo by: Miriam Hagen


During rains Kuron can be hard to reach by road, and this is something the new Program Manager experienced on his way to Kuron this week. He might be the first Program Manager who entered the place by foot.
“It was hard to reach Kuron, but I will not let this discourage me,” Otika smiled.

Intrigued by Kuron
He is from Gulu in northern Uganda, and he has a Bachelor’s degree in Development studies from Gulu University. Through this study he became aware of the Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron (HTPVK).
“I was reading a lot about the place on internet and the place became very interesting to me. I am interested in developing the pastoralist communities, so when there was a job opening, I applied for the position,” Otika explained and continued.
“Cattle raiding hinder development. With war development cannot come, and especially women and children are suffering,” he said.

Stop violence
Otika has experienced the war in northern Uganda where Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army (LRA) was causing a lot of suffering for the local communities until 2006.
“I have seen war and the effects of war. It affected me personally for instance in my education. Violence should never be a way of human life. I will say as the Bishop says to South Sudan and the whole world - ‘Give Peace a Chance’,” he said.
The new Program Manager believes that education is very important to make the Toposa warrior tribe change their ways of living, but he also wants to improve the cooperation between the different programs in HTPVK.
“We shall work hand in hand to bring peace. With team spirit we can work for this community, which is behind in development so they can join the rest of the world,” Otika said.

Donors important
“How will you personally contribute to the improvement of this place?”
“As a Program Manager I wish that the projects should be delivered in time, reports are given to donors and that the accountability is very perfect. I also want to contribute to a peaceful coexistence between the staff, the community we are serving and the government.” Otika is replacing Jennifer Lemunu Aweko who resigned as a Program Manager in July this year.

Otika James arrives footing

He has a great respect for Bishop Taban Paride and the work he has been doing in Kuron.

“I want to give respect to the Bishop for all the struggles he has made for this place. With the grace of God who has given the visions, it came through. I will also congratulate all the donors who have supported this place, and I wish they will continue this work,” the Program Manager concluded.