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Personnel news from Peace Village Kuron



Changes in the organisation structure introduced from June.

A new position as Director introduced to take over the responsibilities of all daily operations and all activities in the Peace Village. A provisional arrangement has been made with Norwegian Friends of Peace Village Kuron that involves a relay of short term assignments into the position as director. Each assignment has a length of tree months and will be filled by senior members from Norway with experience from South Sudan. They are all engaged on voluntary bases.
The first new director is this relay is Per Nordmark (61) from Norway.  
Per has experience from Norwegian Church Aid service in Torit area, Darfur and Nuba Mountains.

Bishop Paride Taban will be released from all the daily follow ups and will continue as Director of the Board. He will be available for external services like peace mediations where he has long and strong experience.

Per Nordmark

Per Nordmark


Teody Achillo Lotto is appointed as liaison officer for Peace Village with base in Juba. Teody comes from the Nairobi office of Diocese of Torit. Teody is a senior too and from Acholy.

Adrawa Lawrence has now resigned from his position as program manager for the Peace Village.
The process of selecting new applicants to the positions as program manager and financial administrator is still going on. As soon as acceptances are made by the new personnel we will come back with new update.


Teody Lotto

Teody Lotto